Rustic Scenes

made by

C F Binns (1857-1934)

Charles Fergus Binns was the brother of Harry Kerr Binns (Doris' grandfather). He was brought up in Worcester, where his father ran the Royal Worcester porcelain works, and became a potter, holding various positions in the firm. In 1882 he married Mary Howard Ferrar, a distant relative from Ireland, and in 1897 he moved to the USA, becoming the first director of the New York College of Clayworking and Ceramics at Alfred University. In this capacity and as a founder-member and officer of the American Ceramic Society, he greatly influenced the development of American ceramics.

The album, Rustic Scenes, consists of photographs he took in England (before and after he emgrated) and in America. Pages from the album are reproduced in this website (rather poorly, I'm afraid); many of the photos are of the extended Binns/Farrer family. (See also the Binns family album.)

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