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Birmingham and Sierra Leone 1923-1925

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Father was consecrated on November 1st. in Westminster Abbey.  It was a solemn beautiful service.  He said now humbled he felt when he heard the peal of bells ring out when he, and the other two Bishops who were consecrated with him, came out of the Abbey after the service.
Bishop G W Wright

Three weeks later he sailed for Sierra Leone, and I remember thinking as I saw his train steaming out of the station, however was I going to manage without him?  It certainly taught me to lean on my Heavenly Father more and that helped me in my spiritual life.  It must have been much worse for him, though, in Sierra Leone having no wife to run his home, help with the entertaining and do the endless little things a wife can do to make life a bit easier.

He never complained and wrote home such cheery letters giving details of all his doings - interviews, hearing complaints and grievances, trying to right wrongs, meetings, sermons, confirmations, ordinations, quiet days for the clergy.  Many journeys by sea often in tiny tugs, by river, by train and often walking long distances.

He had difficulties too sometimes in dealing with his staff.   One man in particular was a great problem.  He was advised by some to relieve this particular man from his post.  Father refused saying that God would show him what to do.  He prayed with the man and for him and dealt very patiently with him.  Then quite suddenly the man died.  How thankful he was that he had relied on God to deal with the matter.

So the year passed and he was home again for Christmas 1924.  What a joy that was.  A united family once more as Elizabeth was out of Hospital completely cured.

Family life - AMW, Barbara, Betty, Hugh;  Barbara;  Betty, Barbara, Doris
AMW with Barbara, Betty, Hugh   Barbara   Betty, Barbara, Doris

I remember he said to me one night when we were in bed, "Darling, you know I would like you to come out to me sometime and share the work in Sierra Leone".  It gave me quite a shock.  I had never given it a thought. How could I leave the children?  What would happen in the holidays? Who would look after the house etc. etc.?  "Well", he said, "If God wants you to come, and I'm sure He does, He will open the way".  He said no more but had put the seed thought in my mind.

B'ham was really not a suitable place to live in with seven children in the holidays, and when our friends Charlie and Vi Payne told us that the Vicarage in their village was to let, we went to Shudy Camps to see it and finally decided to go there.

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