Wright Family Album

Photos and memories of the family of

G W Wright (1873-1956) and A M Wright (née Binns 1887-1974)

George William and Anna May Wright (known as May) were Doris' parents. They met in Kenya where George was a missionary, and had eight children. George became the bishop of Sierra Leone, eventually dividing the diocese into three and becoming the first bishop of one of the parts, the new diocese of North Africa, just before World War 2. The war ended his work there, and he and May moved to Templecombe in Somerset, before retiring and moving into a flat in John and Doris' home in Tunbridge Wells.
The text in this album is May's account of George's life, with additional memories from Doris, Basil and David typed up by Doris in 2006.


1. George Wright's early years, courtship and marriage 1873-1910

2. Abbots Langley (Hertfordshire) and Mombasa 1910-1915

3. Abbots Langley, Kabare, Mombasa 1915-1920
     3a Doris' memories

4. Herne Bay (Kent) 1919-1921
     4a Doris' memories

5. Boulton (Derby) 1921-1923
     5a Doris' memories

6. Birmingham and Sierra Leone 1923-1925
     6a Doris' memories
     6b Basil's memories of Nursery School, Limpsfield

7. Shudy Camps (Cambridgeshire) 1925-1930
     7a Doris' memories
     7b Basil's memories
     7c David's memories

8. Bourton (Dorset) 1930-1935
     8a Doris' memories
     8b Basil's memories
     8c David's memories

9. Wokingham (Berkshire) 1935-1941
     9a Doris' memories
               Doris' reflections on school and college
               Doris' reflections on the war years
     9b Basil's memories
     9c David's memories

10. Templecombe (Somerset) and London 1941-1952
    10a Doris' memories
    10b Basil's memories
    10c David's memories

11. Tunbridge Wells (Kent) 1952-1959
    11a Doris' memories

Inside front cover of George Wright's Bible

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