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Bourton 1930-1935

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The Laurels, Bourton, Dorset: front, side, rockery.

In 1930 we moved from Shudy Camps to Bourton, partly to reduce expenses as the house was smaller therefore rent and rates were less.  We had heavy school fees to pay as Philip and Basil were at Weymouth College, and partly to be nearer my parents as they were 80 years old.

Gordon was at the B.C.M.S. College at Bristol as he was hoping to become a clergyman.  Elizabeth was at St. Giles Hospital, Camberwell training to be a nurse.  Philip and Basil at Weymouth, all the others at St. Michael's except David who went there in 1931.

Clifton Theological college XI - Gordon top row 2nd from rt

In 1933 we had the first great sorrow of our lives.  It was found that Elizabeth had contracted T.B. whilst nursing in London.  I blame myself for letting her go to a big London Hospital.  I wanted her to start her training in Cambridge (we were at Shudy then) but she had set her heart on London and she was only 18.  She was sent to Brompton Hospital then to Pinewood Sanatorium.

The following year, 1934, we had to say goodbye to Gordon and Philip. Gordon had left Bristol and had become a soldier in the 11th Hussars.  He said he wanted to have more experience with men of the world, as in a theological College one mixed with men all of whom had the some object in view, that of becoming clergymen.  In 1934 his regiment was sent to Egypt. Philip, who had decided to join the India Police, passed his exams and sailed for India that same year.  He had really wanted to join the Indian Civil Service but knew it meant a University course which we couldn’t afford, most noble of him.  Both boys were due home in 1940.  How eagerly we looked forward to that year!

Father's work was interesting and varied in North Africa.  Most of his time was spent travelling around visiting missionaries some of whom lived in very isolated places, holding services, and generally cheering up the people he visited.  In every place he went he made a point of searching out any English people, some of whom had married Frenchmen and seemed to have lost contact with their fellow countrymen.  Great was their delight when they were visited by an English Bishop, so many of them said afterwards how the Service held in their homes had revived their faith and sent them on their way rejoicing.

Although Elizabeth was still suffering in the Sanatorium, she, in her unselfishness, insisted that I should join father from time to time which I did, but in 1935 she seemed so much worse and the specialist told us he thought she only had six months to live, and that she ought to be in hospital.  I couldn’t think of letting her go to hospital, she had had so much of hospital life, so I decided to nurse her myself at home.

Family photos:
1. Phil Gordon Basil Betty Doris Hugh Barbara David  
2. AMW GWW Phil Barbara Gordon David Hugh Doris Basil   3. Standing - A Bessie Hugh. Middle - Barbara Basil Phil Doris. Ground - Gordon David
1.   2.   3.

4. AMW   5. Gordon   6. Gordon, Phil
4.   5.   6.

7. Elizabeth Phil    8. Private Doris    9. Basil going to the shed
7.   8.   9.

10. At a Penselwood cricket match - Pip Basil Doris Phil Barbara Hugh David   11. Basil & Hugh performing their ablutions after camping out, on a Bournmouth-ride   12. Digging at Coombeside - Phil Gordon Hugh Basil
10.   11.   12.

Pets: 13. Pip and Precious   14. Elizabeth on holiday from hospital practised her bandaging skills on Pennywhistle   15. Pip Polly Precious and the Rest
13.   14.   15.

16. Phil and Precious   17. Proud Pooh   18. Precious
16.   17.   18.

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