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Wokingham 1935-1941

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Glendower, Crescent Road, Wokingham

An early task: GWW, Basil, Hugh, AMW making the front path

We moved from Bourton to Wokingham in Dec. 1935 and Elizabeth was brought home in March, 1936.  What a joy for her to be home again amongst her own folk and being able to have her little cat near her. 

Elizabeth in Pinewood...        and in the garden                                                          with Hugh and David

At first she began to improve.  The doctor was hopeful of her recovery and started a new treatment, but the disease had taken a firm hold of her and God took her to Himself on Dec. 29th of that year.  When telling our dear friend Dr. Dynitt about her, and said how earnestly we had prayed that she could get well, he looked at me and said, "But she is well, isn't she?" and so she is - free from pain and weakness and troubles which she might have had had she lived.

Doris was now at London University studying for her degree, and Basil studying for his 1st M.B.  I was able to join father in N. Africa.

1. GWW (in fez) in Morocco   2. GWW with AMW near the Atlas mountains   3. In North Africa. Little exercise and a lot of cous-cous made her put on a lot of weight
1.   2.   3.

Life went on smoothly and happily.  We made many friends in Wokingham.

Friends next door - the Rose family (with Paddy, their dog)
Doris on the Rose's car!

We were making plans for 1940 when Gordon would be leaving the Army and going to Wycliffe Hall to complete his training for the Ministry. Philip would be coming home with his wife whom we were most anxious to see. Doris had got her degree, so we were able to make plans for Hugh to go to St. Peter's Hall, Oxford.

Gordon at Beni Suef - in the army

Phil in India - where he married Yolande, and Trevor was born in 1940

Family Groups: 1. David Hugh Barbara w Jackie Basil Daddy Gordon Doris w Gritz   2. Basil Hugh Gordon and friend   3. On the Lodden - Doris Basil Hugh
1.   2.   3.

Then war broke out and changed the life of so many of us.

Gordon was home.  I shall never forget the look on his face when he said goodbye and went to rejoin his regiment.  Hugh decided to enlist and went to Sandhurst although he could have started his University career had he so cared.  Philip had to give up the idea of coming home.  Doris was teaching at Bristol, but decided to give it up and become a V.A.D.  Barbara, instead of starting a Domestic Science training, joined the Land Army instead.  Only Basil and David continued their study as planned - Basil at his medical training - David at school.

Father was in N. Africa and only just escaped internment by coming home in April 1940 because of the impossibility of getting any money through from England.  Then the heart-breaking news of Hugh’s death in France.

1. Hugh  2. Hugh in Belgium  3. Perhaps his last letter home. He, Basil & Doris contributed to a family fund for classical records   4. Killed in May 1940 by a mortar bomb during the retreat to Dunkirk. 'He was the handsomest and most talented member of the family and full of fun'   5. The grave in Bedford House Cemetery, Zillebeke, Belgium, Enclosure No.6V.A.27
1.   2.   3 (click on image to enlarge).   4.   5.

It was impossible for father to return to N. Africa as it was under German domination, so C.M.S. asked him to be their Missionary Missioner. This involved travelling about England, taking meetings, preaching, visiting clergy, and trying everywhere to stir up missionary enthusiasm.  Journeys were very difficult because of the bombings and often he had to make long detours to get to his destination.  For instance, on one journey to Liverpool he had to go via Cardiff as Birmingham had been bombed.  It was difficult to find the way often to the house of his host because of the black out.  But he was always cheerful and rejoicing in the fact that he was helping C.M.S.

As he had to give up the work in N. Africa, he naturally had to give up the salary he was getting from B.C.M.S.  Because of this it made us difficult to make ends meet in Wokingham, so we went to join mother and my sister at Pen Selwood.

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