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Doris' memories - Tunbridge Wells 1952-1958

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Our house in Tunbridge Wells proved very suitable for my parents. Their 'flat' was all on one floor at the top of the first flight of stairs and consisted of a sitting room looking over the garden. The view of the railway appealed particularly to ray father as he enjoyed watching the steam engines shunting their trucks around on the sidings outside the tunnel. Attached to the sitting room was a small kitchen. (Their main midday meal was taken with us in our kitchen.) On the opposite side of the landing was their bedroom with the family lavatory and bathroom to the side.

They were a wonderful help to me with the children because John had had to return to Nigeria soon after we moved to Tunbridge Wells. Besides rallying round with the babies in the house they took them all for walks in the nearby recreation ground and would walk up to St. John's pushing the heavy twin pram. They also helped me with any problems which arose with regard to the house as I had never had charge of one before: for instance, when I was worried about a window blowing in with a storm I never thought of applying to our insurance company until they suggested it!

When the younger twins were about ten months old they suggested I go out to join John for a month while they took all four children to stay with Yolande and Phil in London. That was really noble of them all. I was so grateful.

Tim Erica GWW & AMW with babies

When Daddy came home from the Kent and Sussex Hospital to be nursed at home a male nurse was deputed to come in every day to do the necessaries. He was so impressed by my father that he became a Christian and was confirmed.

Mummy of course stayed on in the flat after his death except for a brief period when she consented to go and be housekeeper to Bishop Mann, a retired C.M.S. missionary in Japan.

October 1964 Queen's Rd Tunbridge Wells - AMW Bishop Mann Japanese lady

She had to deal with the comings and goings of two different families on two occasions when I took the children to Africa: first, when an ex-missionary family came and occupied our rooms and, second, when a Pakistani family came and she had to put up with the smell of curry every day! On another occasion I took the younger boys to Kano for two months and she looked after Erica and Tim with the help of our 'daily' Mrs Holland.

Then, of course, in 1959 she moved with us to Crowborough.

Family photos - mainly of the Brittons
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4. Williams visit - Back, Tim Erica Liz Andrew. Middle, Mark Peter Chris. Front Rachel Wright Sarah   5. Erica Christopher Tim Fiona (White, vicar's daughter) Alison White Peter    6.  Picnic on way to David's Wedding - GWW AMW Erica Nancy Shepherd Tim
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