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Tunbridge Wells 1952-1958

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Father still continued with his work for C.M.S.  But it was abruptly brought to an end on January 3rd a Sunday when he was due to preach at Sandhurst near Hawkhurst.  It was a strange coincidence that he should have had this breakdown whilst going near Hawkhurst - as he was preaching there when we heard of Hugh's death.  It was there, too, that we were at school and were so unhappy.

He always hated giving C.M.S. any extra expense, and instead of hiring a taxi to take him to his house, he walked carrying his robes case.  He had a haemorrhage from the bladder and had to return home looking as white as a sheet.  That started the 15 weeks which he had to endure in hospital. Bless his heart - he didn't know why that sickness came upon him so suddenly, he suffered more than he would let us know, mentally as well as physically.

He was only able to preach occasionally now, but used to help the Vicar of St. Luke’s at the Holy Communion service and often used to read the lessons, which he loved doing.  So many people have told me how much they enjoyed hearing him as he read so beautifully.

The last time I heard him preach was in Oct. 1955 in the lovely little church at Lamberhurst.  He took for his text, “In the beginning GOD”, Gen.1.1., “In GOD we live and move and have our being”, Acts 17.28, and “Be still and know that I AM GOD,” Ps.46.10.

That is how he lived.  He put God first throughout his life.  That was his prayer for each one of us - his dearest and his best, that we should do the same.

We had proof of God’s love and care for His faithful servant when He arranged for Basil to be home during his last illness.  Had the former been able to take his furlough when it was due in 1955, he would have been back in Africa.  As he was in England and living so near it meant that we could nurse father at home - he would have hated being in hospital again.  So we watched him quietly slip away from this world into life everlasting.

About 10 days before he died, he was sitting in the chair Gordon gave us, and which he loved, when he said to me, “I'm going on a long journey.”  I said to him, “Well - I'm coming with you.”  He said nothing, but held out his arms.  I went up to him and he kissed me - he knew his work was done.

What rejoicing there will be when we are all united again in Heaven.

“Well done thou Good and Faithful Servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord”.

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