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Templecombe and London 1941-1952

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Templecombe Rectory and side garden

St Mary's church, Templecombe

In the summer of 1941 the Bishop of Bath and Wells offered father the living of Templecombe.  He agreed to accept if he was allowed to continue his work for C.M.S. till May 1942.  He had already been offered the livings of Bourton and Pen Selwood but had refused them as he wished to continue in the work for C.M.S. for 2 years.  So in May 1942 we took up our work in Templecombe.  We had always wanted a large house as we thought it would be so convenient for our children to have a home to come to when the war was over.

I don’t think any of us realised what a heavy responsibility and what hard work it was for father to take up that work in his 69th year.  It was a difficult parish although not extensive.  I wonder how many miles he rode about it on that old bicycle of his.  Of course the war added greatly to our difficulties and the bombing of the Church and several houses on Sept. 5th 1942 was a tragedy and added to father's work considerably.  He was always known as a "pusher" and it was his "push" which enabled all the repairs to be finished in the Church before we left in 1951.

Added to all his worries there was the dreadful tragedy of Gordon’s death in Nov. 1944.  Only God knows how much that dear laddie suffered and we are thankful now that he is at peace.

Doris came home from Durban as a result of our bereavement and what a comfort she was - we had Barbara home too and David was able to be with us from time to time.  He was now a Medical student at St. Thomas’s Hospital. We do thank God for our children.

In November 1946 we had the joy and excitement of having Philip, Yolande and their two little boys home from India.  Never shall I forget that moment when their car arrived from Southampton and I was enveloped in Philip's arms.  Father, too, was greatly helped by having him with him. We seem to get so much moral support from our sons as we did too from Basil when he came home later that year.

Family groups.  1. Back: Basil Phil David;  Next: Yolande Nick Barbara Doris Nancy; Seated: A Nellie GWW AMW A Bessie; Front: Trevor   2. Doris w Gritz Eileen w Hugh A Bessie GWW Basil AMW Barbara w calf Brian  3. Basil and Ruth's (Rampley) wedding in Kenya   4. A Denny Barbara AMW Basil's head David Ruth Nora Gill  
5. GWW and AMW
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   4.  5.

In 1950 we began to think that it was time we gave up our work at Templecombe - father felt that a younger man ought to take over.  We were both rather tired.  David was through his exams which meant that it was no longer necessary for us to have the extra money.  Doris, Barbara and Basil were married and were thinking of making homes for themselves.  So the large house we were in was not now necessary.  It was decided to share the home of the Rev. G.T.Manley, whom we had known for years and who was really the person responsible for putting father’s name forward for the bishopric of Sierra Leone.

So off we went bag and baggage at the end of September 1951 to 37 Ravensdale Avenue in north London.

It was good to see father relieved of the work and responsibilities of a parish.  He was free now to give all his time to C.M.S. which, of course, he did.

But it wasn't HOME and when Doris came home in 1952 expecting her 2nd lot of twins and asked us if we would share their home in Tunbridge Wells, we gladly accepted and rejoiced in having our own little flat and having our own things around us again.

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