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 Basil's memories - Templecombe 1941-1952

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I was fortunate to work in the St Thomas' Hospital Casualty department for 3 months in early 1942, then I went to Hydestile Hospital near Godalming for 3 months in early 1942, where St Thomas's had taken over a hutted Hospital, previously used by the Australian Military. The House-doctors were billeted in Nissen huts. The work was not demanding because it was not an Emergency Hospital. I was House doctor to Sir Maurice Cassidy, an eminent cardiologist. One afternoon after the Ward round he took the Registrar, Dr B. Norman and me for a walk up the wooded hill behind the Hospital. When he heard that I expected to go as a missionary to Africa, he said, "That will be an adventure!". That, I think, is an understatement; it was a great encouragement for me.

During my time as Casualty Officer in London, I met a young lady, who was in the Lady Almoner's department (the old term for Social Services linked to Hospitals), and I fell in love with her.  Although I visited Dorothy's home in Barnes a few times, and another time cycled from Hydestile to London and back, this relationship brought some tension. She didn't make a Christian profession. She admired me for my intention of missionary service; but it remained in my semi-consciousness as a distraction to my Call.

After I had worked overseas for some months, and continued to correspond with her (and she paid a visit to my parents in Templecombe), I knew that I could not continue, and the relationship was broken off.

After 2 years missionary service I had a conversion experience; and came to a deeply personal faith in Jesus as Saviour and Lord. This put all my aspirations on a different path; and after that I had a new and satisfying perspective.

But this would make another story.

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